Royalty Free Stock Family Clipart by Andy Nortnik

  1. White Stork Carrying a Cute Blond Freckled Baby Boy with a Pacifier in Its Mouth
  2. Exhausted Woman Watching As Her Hyper Kids Play Sports in the House
  3. Father and Son Reading a Zoo Book Together on Fathers Day
  4. Happy Boy Watching Television with His Dad on Fathers Day
  5. Freckle Faced Blond Baby Boy in a Diaper, Sucking on a Pacifier
  6. Happy Freckled Blond Little Girl Helping Her Younger Brother Do a Handstand
  7. Happy Man, Woman, Boy and Girl, Laughing and Having Fun on a Vintage "Andy's Bowl-A-Rama!" Sign
  8. Two Ethnic Parents Standing with Their Son, Daughter and the Family Dog
  9. Happy Family of Four with a Brown Dog and a Soccer Ball
  10. Happy Twin Brother and Sister with Freckles, Laughing While Reading a Library Book Together
  11. Red, Yellow, Blue and Green Paper People Dolls or Children Holding Hands
  12. Retro Summer Vacation Family in a Woody Car
  13. Retro Mom Waving Her Finger